Return to Rowing Plan

The Kelowna Rowing Club has taken into account the guidelines set out by the Provincial Health Officer, Rowing BC, Rowing Canada Aviron, viaSport and WorkSafe BC.

In following these guidelines, Kelowna Rowing Club offers full memberships to those interested in rowing with us in 2021. We are unable to offer drop-in rowing or punch cards this season.

If you do not have past experience, you will have to complete Learn to Row lessons (included with your membership) prior to participating in regular practice sessions.

At this time, participation is limited to rowing in single shells and/or family-group double shells. Please read the Return to Rowing Plan before you register.

Return to Rowing Plan

Rowing is a fun and refreshing way to enjoy exercise outside and connect with like minded individuals.

Rowing is a wonderful way to start the day, meet new people, and enjoy the Okanagan. No experience is necessary. Membership includes learn to row classes; learn the fundamentals of rowing, or refresh forgotten skills.

Learn to Row
Four people rowing

Enjoy the


Good times, great people, fun exercise, and fresh air.

Outdoor Exercise

Rowing exercises all the major muscle groups. Spend quality time outside breathing fresh air, surrounded by mountains, a beautiful lake, and sunrises that will set any heart ablaze. Improve cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength with every stroke.

One person rowing

Fun on the Water

Rowing is a great way to meet new people, deepen existing connections, and spend time with like minded individuals; have a few laughs, share life stories, exercise together, and experience the beautiful surroundings as a crew.

Three members smiling in boat

Equipment is Provided

The club provides all the necessary equipment, so you can enjoy an Okanagan life without having to purchase expensive boats and oars. Just show up with a smile and sunblock.

Single rower

Socials and Gatherings

Club members also enjoy social rows, barbeques, club dinners, off-season meet-ups, events, and complimentary sports, such as cross country skiing in the winter. Come join the fun, everyone is welcome.

Members gathering at a regatta

As long as you can swim, bend your knees, and safely handle the equipment, you can probably row.

Try Rowing
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All Ages

Youth & Adult

Rowing is available to any able bodied individual who can swim; young, old, male, female, short, tall, para, adaptive, and everyone in between.

Four young women celebrating their wins

Ages 12 - 18


We recommend that youth be at least in grade 7 so that they can handle the equipment safely and are tall enough to fit into the boat.

Four people rowing

Ages 18+


Rowers of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, are welcome. As long as you can swim and bend your knees, you can probably row.

One person rowing

Connect with a community of like minded individuals, get exercise, and enjoy the best of the Okanagan.

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Answers to your…

Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

What is KRC?

Kelowna Rowing Club (KRC) is a non-profit society. Learn more about the club »

I don't know how to row. Can I join?

Yes. The full membership includes a Learn to Row program, so you can learn the fundamentals of rowing. After completing the classes, you can row regularly with the club.

Do I need a boat/equipment?

No. All necessary equipment is provided by the club, such as: boats, oars, personal floatation devices, ergs… etc. Just show up with a smile and you're ready to go.

Who can row?

Everyone is welcome to row. As long as you can swim, bend your knees, and safely handle the equipment, you can probably row.

What months are you open?

The club is open from May to late October.

What hours can I row?

Members can row during scheduled rowing times, typically between 6:00am and 7:30am. A coach/safety boat driver must always be present.

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